Digital Social Innovation
Data-Driven Truth Seeking

The line between fake and fact has turned opaque in today's world as the spread of information and misinformation have been equally fast and affordable. So what can we do to contribute to scientific, fact-based and data-validated truth?

Education Innovation
Skills-based Social Entrepreneurship Education

The ‘Ten Commanding Skills’ for starting a social enterprise include: (1) Analytical thinking on identifying business and social issues; (2) Building an initial hypothesis; (3) Estimation of client volume to attain breakeven status....

Community Empowerment

Many social enterprises in Hong Kong have increasingly re-engineered their organisational structure via decentralization to be more agile and flexible.

Lunch Break
Sustainability and Business
Empowerment to Create a More Sustainable Normal

As the global economy has been hard hit by COVID-19, consumers and stakeholders from different sectors have woken up to the fact that the systemic flaws underlying the profit maximisation model of corporations have its part to play in climate change.

Social Enterprise Survey Networking Session