Jeanette Ip SMERIN

Head of Catering, Deliveroo, HK

Ms Jeanette Smerin is the Head of Catering at Deliveroo for Hong Kong and Singapore. She is responsible for curating Deliveroo's portfolio of Catering Partners in Hong Kong, which includes restaurants, professional caterers, and leading hotel groups. She also launched Deliveroo's first catering menus globally since March 2020, allowing customers to place large orders up to a month in advance with  superior van delivery experience. As of today, she and her team have launched more than 50 catering menus in Hong Kong featuring major types of Asian and western cuisines. In addition to serving Deliveroo for Business corporate customers, Jeanette has also led the team to expand their catering services to other types of customers and occasions, including home dinner parties, hospitals, and junk boat parties.

Prior to joining Deliveroo, Jeanette obtained her Master in Business Administration from London Business School and worked at a global investment bank for six years. She also co-founded a travel startup, Whisk Away, based in London, which offered surprise travel experiences to travelers around Europe.