Chair Message


Mrs Rebecca CHOY YUNG
Chair, Organising Committee of Social Enterprise Summit

Emerging from the pandemic, the world stands at the dawn of a transformative era. The scars of COVID-19 manifest as deep-seated social and economic challenges, coupled with diverted efforts in the climate crisis. Yet, these tribulations also present an opportunity for reinvention, to re-sculpt a world where Sustainable Wellbeing+ becomes more than convention, but a core aspiration.

Themed "Sustainable Wellbeing+", this year’s Social Enterprise Summit (SES 2023) champions cross-sectoral exploration of the role of holistic wellbeing in shaping a flourishing and sustainable society. Recognising the interplay of social, economic, and environmental dimensions, topics centred on social inclusion, business wellbeing, and environmental sustainability are discussed, with the “+” symbolising a steadfast commitment to social innovation.

Taking place from 2 - 4 November 2023, the International Symposium brings together over 60 eminent speakers from various sectors worldwide. As we return to a full physical format, SES continues to be the definitive platform for civil, business, government, and academic sectors to pool their wisdom and foster cross-sector collaborations to address pressing social challenges.

Day 1 commences with Dialogue+ insights from Ms Winnie Ho, Secretary for Housing, highlighting the region's housing strategies to enhance social wellbeing. This is followed by a Keynote from Dr Romina Boarini of the OECD WISE (Well-Being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity) Centre, highlighting globally sought-after wellbeing metrics by both governmental and private sectors. The Hon. Bernard Charnwut Chan, Chairman of the M+ Museum, will discuss the integral role of art and culture in society, drawing from his vast contributions in politics, business and culture. The day continues with a session on the transformative power of impactful investment and finance in boosting business-driven social impact.

On Day 2, three tracks are presented: Track 1 - “WELLBEING+ Business & Finance” delves into impact investing trends, businesses roles in sustainable communities, and China's approach to social entrepreneurship. Track 2 - “WELLBEING+ Art & Culture” explores the art as a social tool and celebrates Asia's young creative entrepreneurs. Track 3 – “WELLBEING+ Technology & Innovation” investigates technology’s role in nurturing personal wellness, and the societal potential of AI. The day wraps with an expert-led discussion on community edification, inviting reflection. Day 3 will present the ‘I SAY’ Youth Entrepreneurship Networking Day, a platform designed to showcase innovative initiatives of budding social entrepreneurs and foster valuable connections and collaborations with partners from across sectors. All sessions reiterate the indispensable role each sector plays in societal progress, underscoring the notion that every sector is intrinsically tied to society's fabric.

This year, our Community Programme has spanned their reach to 10 districts. This initiative champions local social innovation, fosters community making, and promotes the exchange of innovative ideas for a sustainable community future. We encompass groundbreaking themes like North Metropolis, Energising Kowloon East, Regenerating Old Districts and DEI initiatives across different districts to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration.

SES stands as the nexus in fostering a vision where social impact and Sustainable Wellbeing+ seamlessly intertwine. In this harmony, lies the essence of true societal evolution.

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