Community Programme 2023

The 2023 Community Programme curates cross-district topics and fosters collaborations for co-creation with the community. Throughout the year, a variety of exciting activities have taken place, including the Social Entrepreneurship Lab, Social Entrepreneurship Programmes, Youth Engagement, Community Exploration in ten districts: Central and Western & Southern District, Wan Chai, Kowloon City , Wong Tai Sin, Kwun Tong, Sham Shui Po, Yau Tsim Mong, North District & Tai Po, Yuen Long and Tuen Mun.

Social Entrepreneurship Labs

An interactive forum will be held to actively engage stakeholders, allowing them to network and discuss topics related to their respective districts. During the forum, participants will collaborate to brainstorm ideas and jointly design solutions for current social problems.

Social Entrepreneurship Programmes

To foster social change and collaboration, SE Programmes have been initiated to provide comprehensive training to participants, providing them with an opportunity to engage in pilot projects and gain hands-on experience.

Youth Engagement

Through different forms of activities to engage students and youth, such as school talks, workshops and visits, aiming to explain to them about how social enterprises and social innovation work and inspire them to think innovatively.

Community Exploration

Community tours, field trips and other forms of exploration will be organised for participants, providing them with opportunities to delve deeper into the diverse cultural aspects of communities and gain a richer understanding.

Cross-district Topics

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As we strive for diversity, equity and inclusivity, it is vital to ensure that all community members, especially those with disabilities and elderly residents, have access to the necessary resources and support to thrive. By prioritising their needs, we create an environment that values their wellbeing and empowerment. This commitment reflects our dedication to fostering a society that offers equal opportunities for all. Through providing accessible infrastructure information, inclusive services, and tailored support, we can remove barriers and enable individuals with disabilities and aging residents to lead fulfilling lives. Their unique perspectives enrich our community, contributing to a more vibrant and compassionate society.

Energising Kowloon East

Our social innovators will empower the next generation of youth in Kowloon City, Kwun Tong, and Wong Tai Sin, inspiring them as the future community leaders in social innovation. We energise the vibrant, multicultural and diverse communities of the 3 districts through knowledge exchange in various activities including social concepts of SDGs, ESG and intangible culture. Through community connections, movie screenings, and exploration, we inspire youth to preserve diversity and foster sustainable development for a brighter future in Kowloon East.

Regenerating Old Districts

The government has initiated a series of projects for the conservation and regeneration of the Kim Shin Lane and Ferry Point communities in the upcoming years. We engage the younger generation to understand positive changes and explore community stories and history. We also actively engage the community to ensure that its culture is passed on to future generations. By engaging the community, we aim to foster social cohesion and strengthen the bonds within our community. By collaboration, we can better help the community to prepare for urban renewal, ensuring a smooth transition and creating a positive and resilient environment for all.

Northern Metropolis

Since the "Northern Metropolis Development Strategy" was announced, it has garnered attention from various sectors. This year, the government has actively initiated the construction of the "Northern Metropolis". The strategic goals include perfecting the integration model between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, aiming to create a metropolitan region conducive for living, working, and tourism, with innovation and technology as its economic driver.

We believe that only a sustainable and livable community can complement the long-term development of the Northern Metropolitan Area. Through community plans in the North District, Tai Po District, Yuen Long District, and Tuen Mun District, we will explore local community needs using a social innovation approach. Actively interacting and connecting with the mainland, we aim to jointly address mutual requirements and enhance communication, fostering a stronger collaborative synergy for building "livable" communities.