Vice President, Tung Hing Automation, HK

After earning three Bachelor degrees and a Master degree in Computer Engineering, and working as a programmer for 4 years in USA, Mr Lim returned in 2011 to join Tung Hing Automation. In the face of slowing growth within the Company, Mr Lim’s first challenge was to steer the Company in a new direction to help it regain momentum. Firstly, Mr Lim developed an ERP system to streamline the business processes. Secondly, by reorganising the technical personnel and increasing the Company’s R&D investments, Mr Lim led Tung Hing to embark on new technological advancements. Various products of cutting-edge technologies have been developed; from A.I. manufacturing solutions to innovative robotic products, the R&D efforts have brought new impetus to Tung Hing.