Zoe Zhao

Co-founder, RE-LOOK

Ms Zoe Zhao is a social entrepreneur. She co-founded RE-LOOK, is responsible for strategic planning and business service design. Through extensively cooperating with multiple stakeholders, she promotes the integration of young people into real society and their participation in social innovation in the Greater Bay Area. RE-LOOK was successfully certified as a Good Social Enterprise in China in 2021. She also promotes the development and planning of education curricula around the SDGs. Before that, she worked as a research associate at the Department of Applied Social Sciences of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, engaged in the development and evaluation of positive youth development projects, and published several research papers in domestic and international journals.

She is the vice president of the Mainland Affairs Committee of Hong Kong Quality and Talent Migrants Association, a member of Shenzhen Nanshan District Youth Federation, and an off-campus entrepreneurial mentor of Guangxi Normal University. In addition, as the consultant of A Better Community (Shenzhen), she provided several management consulting services to NGOs.

She graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with two master's degrees in Social Work and Social Service Management. She is a registered social worker.