Warren LUK

CEO, Good Lab,HK

Mr Warren Luk currently serves as CEO of Good Lab (www.goodlab.hk), a leading social innovation consultancy in Hong Kong. He believes that everyone can be a changemaker and collaboration is fundamental to the creation of lasting social impact and a positive vibe in our communities.

Since joining Good Lab in 2017, he has been overseeing the organisation’s diverse portfolio of social and public sector innovation projects to blend stakeholder engagement with the co-creation of user-centric solutions. He has been instrumental in forging new cross-sector partnerships between the civil society, non-governmental organisations and government agencies to design and implement large-scale innovation projects through Design Thinking. In addition, he has led numerous start-up incubation programmes to inspire and coach young changemakers at universities and in local communities.

He is committed to public services and currently serves as a member of the Advisory Committee on Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme under the Home Affairs Department. The programme aims to promote sustainable poverty prevention and alleviation efforts to strengthen the self-reliance of socially disadvantaged groups through seed grants and advisory for social enterprises in Hong Kong.

Prior to joining Good Lab, he was a management consultant specialised in corporate strategy and operations with substantial international experiences in the UK, US, and across Asia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from UCL and is a LUMA Institute certified practitioner of human-centred design.