Dr Entela BENZ

CEO and Co-founder, Intensel, HK
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Finance, HKUST Business School, HK

Dr Entela Benz is the CEO and Co-founder of Intensel Limited, an AI-powered climate science for predicting financial risks related to weather extremes and climate change in Asia. Besides, she serves as Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Finance, HKUST Business School, teaching a variety of courses such as Fixed Income Securities, Investment Analysis and ESG Investing for Master level. Through her consultancy and on behalf of HKUST Business School, she has delivered several ESG trainings for Asian and European based Asset Managers and Asset Owners. She is a frequent speaker in conferences and seminars covering ESG investing, Green Finance and Climate Risk in Asia. She has several academic and industry related publications, with a strong focus on climate risk implications for risk management and asset allocation. At the same time, she is also a member of the board of directors of VEIL, Dragon Group Capital Limited, launched in 1995, a USD 2-billion closed-end fund trading at London Stock Exchange. She holds a PhD in Financial Engineering from Swiss Banking Institute in 2003.