Social Enterprise Summit

Skills-based Social Entrepreneurship Education

The ‘Ten Commanding Skills’ for starting a social enterprise include: (1) Analytical thinking on identifying business and social issues; (2) Building an initial hypothesis; (3) Estimation of client volume to attain breakeven status; (4) Collation of operating data via market research; (5) Product and service design; (6) Creativity that would improve the competitive edge; (7) Source of new customers during the first year; (8) Means to increase repeat patronage; (9) Calculation of breakeven period; (10) Calculation of ‘Social Return on Investment’. Social Entrepreneurship Education should embrace not just technical skills, but also to coach students to comfortably slip into the role of a social innovator, alert them of common thinking blindspots, via an approach termed ‘Transformational Learning System’. In this session, speakers will share their views on practical skills needed toward starting and operating a successful social enterprise.