Founder, Social Entrepreneurship School Education (SEnSE) Program and Program Architect, Innovator Farm, HK

Integrating education, social philanthropy, business and government sectors, Dr CA Tse established SEnSE Program in 2014, with the objective to promote the development of social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. The program has facilitated a social entrepreneurship learning ecosystem and purposed entrepreneurship spirits, social caring and innovation. It provides students with multiple future pathways through experiential learning, and prepare them for the ever changing future. He is also the Program Architect of Innovator Farm, one of the Intermediaries' Programs of SIE Fund. The project provides initial capital, business mentors, peer mentors, co-working space, professional social entrepreneurship knowledge training, entrepreneur exchange events and various support during the learning and entrepreneurial journey, to youths aged between 15 and 25.

In 2014, he has published a book on social entrepreneurship titled ‘The Creative Revolution of the Social Enterprise’. In 2015 & 2018, he has produced teaching materials on social entrepreneurship for secondary schools. His research focus on youth transformation, education and social entrepreneurship. He is also the author of several media platforms, such as AM730, ETnet and HKEJ.