(30 mins interactive session if applicable 11:30am-12:00pm)
Metaversal good - edu x art x tech
4/F Function Rooms, HKCEC

How does Web 3.0 influence teaching and learning? How do content creators grasp the opportunity of Metaverse for social good? This session will discuss through the lens of art, tech, and sociology.

Regional Collaboration to Advocate Inclusive Employment
4/F Function Rooms, HKCEC

A report shows only 4% of the interviewed companies consider disability in their diversity initiatives. This session will discuss the practices and challenges in employing persons with disabilities across the region.

Building Resilience: The Making Of Community Power
4/F Function Rooms, HKCEC

Unconventional collaborative models will be discussed in this session to explore how cross sector resources can be utilized to face challenges and bring changes.

NGO Power Luncheon:
From Co-operation to Co-creation - The Bottom-up Practice of Social Innovation

This year’s luncheon will talk about Co-creation in Social Services in which bottom-up participation is fundamental. Representatives from Youth Space Program, Project Hap Sap, and Save the Children will share their cases.


(30 mins interactive session if applicable 3:00pm-3:30pm)
Opensource Web3: An Interactive Showcase to Reimagine Social Good in the Metaverse
4/F Function Rooms, HKCEC

Are you looking for ways to tap into the power of metaverse to create impact? Come to this session to meet innovators and experts who can help bringing Web3 to your projects.

The Intergenerational Contract at Work in Industry 4.0
4/F Function Rooms, HKCEC

The fast adoption of AI and the pandemic have transformed nature of jobs. This session will discuss how to achieve equilibrium of intergenerational contract at work in Asia in the Industrial 4.0 era.

Bridging Social Capital in Collective Action
4/F Function Rooms, HKCEC

In recent years, more enterprises have adopted the “Business for Good” model as a company can create social impact and generate added value for businesses. In this session, local and overseas speakers will share their experience of the model.


(30 mins interactive session if applicable 5:30pm-6:00pm)
Academic Forum: NFT for Social Good
4/F Function Rooms, HKCEC

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been a hot topic. This year’s Academic Forum will discuss how NFTs can be a new method to do social good.

Asia Youth Entrepreneurship Exchange
4/F Function Rooms, HKCEC

In this year’s AsiaYouth Entrepreneurship Exchange, young social entrepreneurs from across Asia will share their innovative solutions to the pressing social issues.

Unlocking Resources for Sustainability
4/F Function Rooms, HKCEC

Sustainable development has become more crucial amidst the pandemic and environmental ills. This session will explore case studies from public and private sector that promote ESG and innovative finance.