Intercity Alliance: Reshaping the Future of Work

In the post-pandemic era, the design of work will be transformed beyond recognition. Work practices are being confronted with unprecedented challenges and opportunities affected by factors like increased consciousness of a just workplace, speedier adoption of technology, changing relationships between employers and workers, and blended views of being an entrepreneur as well as an employee. Apart from cross-industry and multi-sector collaboration, intercity alliance beyond geographical borders is also crucial for effective measures to drive the changes.

This track aims to reimagine the future of work along 3 critical trends based on experience and lessons learnt in different markets. First, how to build an inclusive workplace to make sure that people of different abilities will all be able to contribute to work. Second, the utilization of digital technology will enable a more flexible employment. Third, we will discuss entrepreneurship as a promising career path for young people to make a positive impact to the world.