Bauhinia LEE

Founder and Impact Venture Builder, Anima Ventures, HK

Ms Bauhinia LEE is an impact venture builder and the founder of Anima Ventures, a female-focused Venture Builder based in Hong Kong, with a mission to actively co-create, support, and innovate with female start-up founders. This involves bridging the go-to-market and funding gap in our ecosystem. She vehemently believes inbuilding businesses with ‘purpose’, and advocates passionately for social innovation and youth empowerment, and diversity, including gender and cognitive diversity.

As a multihatter, she often collaborates, curates, and co-hosts workshops, panels, and seminars in support of youth and women across finance, start-ups and ventures. She is most excited about synthesising ideas and innovation across different verticals and in Web 3.0.

She started her career in Finance, trading FX and STIR at Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. She enjoys reading, philosophy (the archetypal ‘Armchair Philosopher’), horse-riding and speaks six languages, including French, German, and Spanish.