Juliana LAM

Founder and President, INNOTIER

Backed by two wholly-owned factories, Juliana has incorporated INNOTIER’s 3 pillars - “Best Hygiene Technologies x Sustainability x Lifestyle Fashion” - to be the first to develop a series of anti-viral & earth-friendly lifestyle products such as apparel, disinfection bags, face masks, and gloves. Most notably, INNOTIER’s “Champion series” silver-woven anti-viral products have been proven to be able to eliminate 99% of viruses instantly ONCONTACT permanently. Their enduring features can hugely reduce the one-time pandemic disposables.

Juliana is also the founder of Julius Group which has 60 years of family manufacturing experience in gloves and accessories. Julius Group is a forward-thinking company with strong beliefs in transforming the conventional manufacturing business with ESG as their core values. With the vertical setup from manufacturing to retailing, she has used this to her advantage and has worked tirelessly to establish her business in the sustainability industry.