Er Bikash GURUNG

President, Robotics Association of Nepal, Nepal

With a vision of making Nepal engineersglobally competent, Er Bikash Gurung is serving Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) as the president, anot-for-profit non-governmental organization in thefield of robotics and automation technology.

To achieve his vision, he has beenactively working to promote young thinkers, makers, innovators andengineers for more than 10 years. He has continuously provided platforms to build next-generation tech leaders in Nepal through capacity-building programs and events,such as International Robotics Competition, NASA International Space AppChallenge, Girls in Robotics and AI and Robotics for All, which empowered thousandsof students to access robotics and AI knowledge that prepare them to lead thetechnology sector.

Hisbelief in cross-sector collaboration has brought key stakeholders andleading organisationstogether to promote local innovators and their innovations, including Google,Microsoft, UnitedNations Development Programme, World Vision, Fusemachines, Asia Foundation,the US Embassy, as well as various governmental bodies of Nepal.

Er Bikash Gurung is also the Executive Management Committee Member ofthe National Innovation Digital Network, Nepal Academy of Science andTechnology, and the Executive Director of Mission Oxygen Team.