Daisy NG

Chief Catalyst Officer, Fullness Social Enterprises Society Ltd., HK
Programme Manager, Innovator Farm Programme, Fullness Social Enterprises Society Ltd., HK

Currently, Ms Daisy Ng is the Chief Catalyst Officer of Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES) and she is also the Programme Manager of Innovator Farm Programme (IF Programme), which is a youth social innovation & incubation programme sponsored by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurships Development Fund (SIE Fund). FSES’ mission is to promote the social entrepreneurship development and city transformation in Hong Kong for societal betterment. FSES has promoted social entrepreneurship education and movement since 2011. It has developed and contributed to Hong Kong’s social innovation ecosystem as a platform organisation and social innovation enabler over the years. Daisy proactively explores cross-sectors collaborations with diverse backgrounds of stakeholders to catalyze the social innovation in Hong Kong. She is now working with social enterprises, social innovators/entrepreneurs, government, philanthropies, family foundations, corporations, NGOs, academics & schools, knowledge volunteers from multiple-disciplines and professionals to look for innovative ways to meet with the ever-changing social needs.

Prior joining FSES to manage the IF Programme in 2020,she has been a long-term knowledge volunteer since 2013. She was an active team player in Tithe Ethical Consumer Movement (TECM) in promoting public support for social enterprises. She was appointed as the Project Leader in TECM 2015and managed a few pioneer initiatives to engage corporations and ethical consumers. Her other footprints in FSES included as an Advisor of Social Entrepreneurship School Education (SEnSE) from 2014 till now; Facilitator of Management for Social Enterprises (HKU SPACE) 2014; Board of Director of FSES 2015/2016; Project Manager of Hong Kong Social Innovation Institute 2016-2018;Project Lead of Business-as-Mission Forum (BaMF) from 2014-2019 and Business Coach of Social Enterprises etc. Daisy has contributed a significant move in FSES education and brought her rich commercial networks into FSES.

Daisy has over 20 years of sales, marketing and event management experience in the commercial sector, and used to be an entrepreneur providing event management consultancy services to international corporations in the healthcare sector. She holds a master degree in International Pharmaceutical Science and a bachelor degree with major in Chemistry. She is a Christian and also supportive to different city transformation projects in the community.