Joshua CHU

Solicitor, Hong Kong,Group Chief Risk Officer, Coinllectibles™, US

Mr Joshua Chu is the Chief Risk Officer at Coinllectibles™, the first publicly traded blockchain Fusion DOTs™ technology company on the US OTC Markets.

He is also a litigation solicitor qualified to practice in Hong Kong. Before becoming a lawyer, he worked in healthcare industry serving as an IT department head at a private hospital to oversee their procurement operations.

Since embarking upon his legal career, he has dealt with a number of ground-breaking cases which includes:

• Acting for one of the largest crypto-exchanges in HK’s first crypto-litigation (HCA 1980 of 2015);

• Obtaining Hong Kong’s first order for alternative service by data rooms [2020] HKCFI 1084;

• Obtaining Hong Kong’s first order for digital performance of disclosure orders [2020] HKCFI 1233; and

• Appearing before the Review Body on Bid Challenges under WTO Government Procurement Agreement.

A firm judicial activist, he and his team has worked tirelessly to make a number of novel applications pushing for digital transformation of Hong Kong’s judicial system. Today, his legal practice mainly focuses on dispute resolution and technology law.

He also serves as a senior consultant with Prosynergy, a regulatory consulting firm founded by ex-SFC regulators, and a management consultant to the Korean Blockchain Centre.