Yuen Long SE Lab

The SE Lab at Yuen Long was held in the format of 2nd “Youth Power · Community Innovation” Case Competition from July to October and participated by 4 secondary schools in Yuen Long. Students proposed innovative local tour routes and promotion channels to extend the customers base for TWGHs BiciLine Cycling Ecotourism Social Enterprise using the principle of design thinking with mentors’ guidance. The champion team for each case will execute their idea within a given amount of budget in 2022.

Idea 1- New Eco-our Route

Aligning with the core theme of BiciLine, the tour would first visit the EcoPark in Tuen Mun with a large-scale education resource centre featuring municipal waste. Participants would learn about the current situation of municipal solid waste through interactive games and a 3-D landfill model. Lunch in the farmer restaurant that served organic vegetables and healthy meals would also be arranged. The tour would visit a strawberry and grape farm in Long Ping as the last stop where participants could taste fresh and delicious fruits.

Idea 2 - Local Tours about Movie Shooting Locations

Touring around movie shooting locations could effectively attract new customers, especially youngsters, to join the local tours. For example, a tour about “Beyond The Dream” (幻愛), a popular romantic drama shooting mainly in Tuen Mun, could be organised. The tour might begin with Prim View Light Rail Stop, ride through Tuen Mun Park, and finish at Tuen Mun Ferry Pier.

Idea 3 - Collaboration with Parent-Teacher Associations in Primary and Secondary Schools

Local tour would be a suitable activity for Parent-Teacher Association (PTAs) to engage parents, teachers, and students. Through the tour, students could learn and experience local cultures and history while building up the bonding between parents and students. The collaboration might kick start by approaching schools under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

Idea 4 - Set up Instagram to Reach Youngsters

Website and the Facebook page are the main communication channels for BiciLine and studies showed that Instagram is more popular among youngsters. It was suggested to set up an Instagram account and post content twice a week with the utilisation of “IG Story” to engage with followers. Through the feedback on Instagram, BiciLine could also learn about the popular themes and cultures among youngsters.