Kwun Tong SE Lab 2022

SE Lab @ Kwun Tong District was held at The Wave with the theme “Envisioning Business for Social Good in CBD2” on 9 Nov. In total, 32 participants from the civil sector, the commercial sector, the government, the academia, and different community members gathered to explore how to create a mutually beneficial business environment in Kwun Tong. The value-added advice was recorded as follows:

Idea 1 – Maintain a sustainable business development environment

Ms Mridula Nair emphasised the idea of sustainable development. She pointed out that business corporations are willing to collaborate with different social enterprises, as this can enrich community resources and build a better future for the next generation. Dr Charleston Sin agreed with Ms Mridula Nair’s viewpoint. He then stated that when J.P. Morgan moved their headquarters to Kwun Tong in the year 2000, they conducted an impact assessment report on how the relocation of the office of J.P. Morgan to Kwun Tong will affect the business environment here. At that time, J.P. Morgan hoped to maintain a business-inclusive and diverse environment in the Kwun Tong district.

Idea 2 – Make good use of community resources

Mr Wong Tsz Mang Healthy shared his experience in organising sports events in Kwun Tong’s open space. He believes that these public spaces make it easier for SMEs and social enterprises to hold activities and promote the participation of residents in the Kwun Tong district. Mr Willy Lai also shared the idea that revitalising the industrial factory and developing public space can keep Kwun Tong attractive for enterprises.

Idea 3 – Strive for opportunities for cross-sector cooperation

All speakers agreed that SMEs and social enterprises should strive for opportunities to cooperate with different companies and institutions. Collaboration allows them to execute more projects and programs with companies from other sectors and enables them to learn the operation and management model of these companies.

Idea 4 – Keep innovation

All speakers believed that the epidemic situation in recent years had illustrated the market environment and demand changes time by time. Entrepreneurs should be alerted to changes in the market environment and tackle the new challenges that emerge.