Central And Western District SE Lab

Themed “Social Innovation @ Market Exchange – New ROI (Return on Inclusion)”, the SE Lab aimed to raise awareness of social inclusion on the business level among the listed companies in HKEX, to exhibit talents of the disadvantaged groups and to assist the listed companies in fostering ESG inclusion investment.

Idea 1 – Disadvantaged Groups are Human Capital/Assets

Magic show, Chinese Orchestra and wheelchairs performance were showcased during the SE Lab. The performances showed the boundless talent of people with disabilities. It was emphasised that all the disadvantaged groups are also human capital/assets that should not be treated as a social burden.

Idea 2-New definition of ROI, Return on Inclusion

Dr Ilex Lam mentioned that companies used to focus on the index of Return on Investment (ROI) only, and it was time to take further steps on evaluation in the investment/ business field. The SE Lab aimed to show the stakeholders that they could still get an excellent ROI with an inclusive environment at the business level. An ESG/ ROI task force could be set up to broaden the conventional investment spectrum to New ROI (Return on Inclusion).

Idea 3 – Engagement of Listed Companies with Creating Shared Value

The SE Lab showcased the contribution of people with disabilities with boundless talent in various areas, including “Sustainability and Climate Change”, “Assistive Technology for Everybody”, “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Alleviate Poverty”, “Social Governance – Diversity and Inclusion Index”, “Elite Athletes – Paralympics” and “Artists with Disability”. It aimed to exemplify the highly diverse and inclusive organisations and collaborate with the commercial sectors, especially the listed companies, to foster ESG inclusion investment.

Idea 4 – Companies Focus not only on CSR but also ESG with SDGs

Over the recent decades, the role of business had been shifted from a focus on purely maximizing shareholder value to taking into account the sustainability of a company’s operations as well as societal betterment. It was suggested that companies should pay more focus on ESG factors with SDGs goals and create more actionable impacts to create extra business value. This would broaden the CSR perspectives of the stakeholders in HKEX including groupings of alumni, senior executives, professionals, NGOs and corporate leaders.