Youth Power Community Innovation

The SE Lab at Yuen Long was held in the format of "Youth Power‧Community Innovation" case competition where students from Yuen Long purposed solutions for solving the challenges that social enterprises in Yuen Long, TI Farm or Day Day Goods faced.

Students were introduced to the concept of Design Thinking in a workshop. They learnt more about the users’ needs through methodologies such as interviews to build up their proposal under the mentor’s guidance. For the case of TI Farm, participants were are asked to think of ideas to promote the hydroponics programme to schools and organizations in Yuen Long. The champion team suggested solutions in 3 different aspects which are to enhance service quality through trainings from professionals; to organise experience workshops to public and seminars of hydroponics to schools to raise awareness of TI Farm.

For the case of Day Day Goods, participants were asked to purpose solutions to enhance the customer experience and increase retail shop traffic. The champion team suggested a campaign that involved collaborations with District Councillors and shops nearly, followed by mailing leaflet to residents in housing estates nearby. Shop staff will be trained to use social media platforms to connect with customers as well as enhance service quality using role play.