Yau Tsim Mong SE Lab

The SE Lab aimed to raise awareness of challenges faced by EMs in Hong Kong and promote multicultural inclusion through active dialogues and interaction between Chinese and non-Chinese participants with the theme “Multi-Shades of Hong Kong”.

Idea 1 – To Break Visible and Invisible Barriers Between Chinese and non-Chinese Citisens

It was observed that EMs face barriers to access education and the labour market equally with the differences in language and culture. Therefore, participants suggested a full-fledged physical platform providing opportunities for Chinese and non-Chinese to interact and to create an inclusive environment for cultural exchange.

Idea 2 – Focus on Similarity Rather than Difference

It was observed that education for children would be important in building an inclusive environment, to bring the Hong Kong citizen, including Chinese and non-Chinese, together. Participants suggested promoting EM’s culture with “Food”, which is closely related to the daily life of everyone.

Idea 3 – Sustainability

All stakeholders need innovative strategies to tackle the issue of sustainability, while many programs were one-off or only lasted for a short period of time. Therefore, it was suggested to have sustainable events to tackle the long-term issues faced by EMs, such as setting up incentive programs and marketing the ideas to the target groups.

Idea 4 – Empathy

It was discussed that culture is easy to learn but difficult to understand and misunderstandings of non-Chinese citizens do happen all the time. Therefore, Mr. Jeffrey Andrews, the speaker, emphasised the importance of “Empathy” and suggested “Get dirty on it” as a starting point, to encourage all participants to take the first step in understanding the EM culture.