Kwun Tong SE Lab

" enJOY's 30 " is the extension of " JOY'S 30 " - the SE lab of Kwun Tong last year . Applying the Theory of Change , " enJOY's 30 " is to strengthen the attitude change of life enjoyment under the new norm . It also served as a re - connection between individuals , community , and nature . Through 30 different tasks , participants figured out how to connect with their community and nature.

Idea 1 – Connect with People by Caring Others

Mr. King shared his experience of delivering food to the elderly. He realised that the importance of connection was not only about food and facilities, but also people's involvement. During the pandemic, we should care more about our families and neighbours and improve connection between people.

Idea 2 – Connect with Inner Self

Ms. Ng shared that connecting with inner self was something she neglected before. She did reconnect with herself while she was doing the 30 tasks. Sparing some quality time to get along with ourselves was a good exercise to do once a day or once a week. Ms Lam agreed that self-reflection was a growth process in which one could find inner peace.

Idea 3 – Connect with the Community by Buying Local Products

To connect with the community, Ms. Ng mentioned that one of the tasks was to buy local products. She surprisingly found that there were a lot of nice products made in Hong Kong. Buying local products was one of the ways to support the community.

Idea 4 – Connect with Nature by Reusing Plastic Products

To connect with nature, the speakers suggested reusing plastic products if we could not avoid them. Ms. Ng mentioned that she used plastic straws for planting and Ms. Lam suggested trying vegan meals. Although the task was difficult for the whole family, it was worth doing occasionally.