Kowloon City SE Lab

With the theme “Community visioning workshop”, twelve SEs working with issues relating to “Elderly”, “Youth”, and “Inclusion” were invited to share their experience, business model, as well as their future visions and difficulties.

Idea 1 - “Elderly”: Gym Room for Both Youth and Elderly

The elderly-friendly facilities are significant for enhancing the relationship between the old and young people. If exercise is a common habit for different generations, an elderly-friendly gym room could suit both old and young people and so that they could exercise together and stay a healthy lifestyle.

Idea 2 - “Youth”: Gap Year Learning Experience

A gap year in university is not that common in Hong Kong. If there is a gap year for Form four or five students, students could do an internship in different corporations and explore their interests and professional study in university. It would help reshape their career goals and gear them up in an earlier stage.

Idea 3 - “Youth”: Renovate ApL courses

Applied Learning (ApL) courses are currently an elective subject for the senior secondary curriculum. SE and future career paths could be considered as subjects in ApL and allowed students taking the subject to initiate their business plan. As the Z generation more prefer the self-employed lifestyle, the ApL could help to pave the path for them.

Idea 4 - “Inclusion”: New courses for Chinese and Non-Chinese students

Language barriers are needed to address to achieve an inclusive society. Sign language could be an extra curriculum course in the local schools. Foreign languages could also be an elective subject for the students. Extra funding might be needed for schools to provide the courses.

The strategic planning workshop successfully gathered people from different sectors to contribute their resources and networks and brainstormed ways to solve social problems so as to achieve a better future for Hong Kong.