Workshop: Harnessing New Power and New Values to Build Movements for Impact (Cohort 2)

August 15, 2020
12:00 am
12:00 am
Online Workshop
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2020 is a very special year, following the prolonged social unrest of last year and under the pandemic of Covid-19, it is time to rethink and reimagine how social entrepreneurs could contribute to tackling social and societal problems in an innovative way. This program builds on the highly influential book New Power: How It’s Changing the 21st Century and Why You need to Know About It, by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms. Participants are able to appreciate the art and science of movement building. Anyone interested in leveraging New Power and New Values to create social impact is welcome to join the workshop!

Programme Outline
This program enables participants to explore the full potential of movement building. It incorporates Online-Merge-Offline (O-M-O) model to facilitate participants to know the art and science of movement building.
- Guided self-study (approximately 5 hours are required) via books, articles, videos and online resources (with quizze and exercise to consolidate learning)
- Facilitated Group discussion
- 2 half-day Online Workshops on 31st Oct(Sat) and 7th Nov(Sat)

Workshop participants are welcome to join a separate Workshop during Social Enterprise Summit 2020 (Day 3 of the programme). Free entrance is sponsored by SES.

Lead Facilitators
Dr K K Tse
He is the Founding Chair of Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum and the Founding Chair & Chief Education Officer of Education for Good CIC Ltd. He is also the Co-founder of a social enterprise, DiD (HK) Ltd. He has been active in promoting B Corp Movement to Hong Kong and Macau, and is currently Co-Chair of B Lab (Hong Kong & Macau) and the Co-Founder of Impact Partners HK.

Mr Freddy Law
He is Executive Director and Senior Innovation Consultant in Education for Good. Freddy is teaching Design Thinking at The University of Hong Kong and is also a director of Social Investors Club and sitting on the boards of La Violet Education and Inter Cultural Education.

Miss Vickie Yip
She is the Co-Founder of Impact Partners HK and a professional B Corp Consultant. She had been a Marketing Expert in commercial world over 10 years.


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