Social Enterprise Summit 2020 Launch Ceremony

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Social Enterprise Summit 2020 was successfully kicked off on 15th September. The Launch Ceremony was officiated by Mrs Rebecca YUNG CHOY, the Chair of SES Organising Committee, in company with Mr Jack CHAN Jick-chi, JP, the Under Secretary for Home Affairs, Prof Erwin HWANG, a Serial Social Entrepreneur, and Miss Chloe WONG, the 12-year-old Founder of KidShare, against the backdrop of a transforming butterfly symbolising the annual theme of “new normal · collective power”.

Following the opening remarks, we were honoured to have Erwin and Chloe, from diverse backgrounds and age groups, as guest speakers to share their objectives and missions behind their social businesses, their knowledge and experiences gained from the development of a social enterprise, and most significantly, the strategies they adopted to create movements of collective power for social impact. It was an inspiring dialogue from which had given the audience novel insights into social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

The ceremony concluded with a “wall painting” activity engaged by the Chair, the guest speakers, and all the SES Organising Committee members. Echoing our theme this year, the collaborative artwork emerged at the end conveyed a meaningful message—“It is the small power collected from people from all walks of life that add up to a complete, colourful picture of new normal”.