SE Programme @ Wan Chai - "Halo, Wan Chai!"

September 17, 2022
2:00 pm
6:00 pm
Wan Chai District
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"Halo, Wan Chai!" - Discovering the stories and culture of Wan Chai with Creativity and Innovation!

A one-month incubation programme gathering local youth, creative entrepreneurs and cultural institutions to explore the heritage and urban legends of Wan Chai. Together with community members, the youth held an immersive haunted tour and detective game called "A Permit to the Underworld" to celebrate local history and culture during Halloween.

Organiser: Social Enterprise Summit (SES)
Co-organisers: Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk), Creative Beings @ Sham Shui Po
Sponsor: Home and Youth Affairs Bureau

Programme overview

This programme offers one weekend (Sep 17 to 18) of social innovation training, including a community tour, dialogues with community members and changemakers across sectors, as well as the application of innovative mindsets and tools to solve issues in the community. It is then followed by a one-month long incubation period, for youth to work together as a group to develop and prepare for a project or an event experience to be held in the week of Halloween, with the support from trainers and HKD 10,000 incubation fee to execute their idea.