Community Tour @ Tuen Mun - Tuen Mun District Community Space Study Group

January 18, 2023
2:00 pm
4:00 pm
Tuen Mun
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Public spaces are opened to different groups of people in society, various environmental designs endow public spaces with different functions and characteristics. On the other hand, public space provides people to establish and maintain a healthy life of body and mind, it also allows people to participate in social activities without being restricted by class or economic status to connest people. In addition, public space can also balance urban development density and improve living space in environmental planning (such as maintaining air circulation, reducing urban heat island effect, etc.).

SES@Tuen Mun Community tour led students to understand the open space characteristics of the spacein the district, to discuss the culture and community issues (such as noise) generated by the people who use the space, and also understand how culture creates community space (such as community art works , the impact of popular culture on space).