Community Tour @Southern District Aberdeen Lifestyle (Virtual Tour)

October 17, 2020
3:00 pm
4:30 pm
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During the time when Hong Kong was developing into a trading port, Aberdeen had expanded from a small fishing village into the city’s largest fishing port. Once at its hype, Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter was packed with rows of "house boats" and fishing boats. As the fishing industry declined, one by one fishermen migrated ashore. Their customs, culture and prior way of life over the water had slowly faded. In this guided tour, we will revisit Aberdeen's development history, the rise and fall of the fishing industry, and various unique religious beliefs and customs, so you can rediscover Aberdeen and be immersed in its unique heritage.

Date:                   October 17 (Saturday)
Time:                  15:00-16:30
Language:          Cantonese
Format:               Online guided tour
Cost:                   Free
Registration link: