Social Enterprise Summit

NGO Engagement Luncheon: Social Service Innovation and Cross-Sectoral Partnership

How can social innovation be applied to deliver social services? How can small and medium-sized social welfare organizations with limited resources make use of their networks to develop innovative and impactful social services? In this session, we have invited representatives from three organizations to offer their insights. "Voltra" will share their experience in developing online international volunteer exchange activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association will discuss their innovative project which trains elders with mild cognitive impairment as community tour guides. The project was the winner of the Gold Award (non-thematic) of the 2019 ‘Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare’. RABI of Science and Technology for Autism Remediation, a grantee of the SIE Fund, will also talk about how they use "companion robots" to handle autistic children’s social and emotional problems through professional assessment and big data building.

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