YUEN Shu Wah

Founding Chairman, Gratia Foundation Limited, HK

Despite the initial desire to be a professional chemist since his graduation in 1972 from University of Hong Kong, Mr Yuen Shu Wah becomes an entrepreneur, philanthropist, environmentalist and educator. He is the founder of Children Homes in China and Bangladesh, an ecologist involved in anti-desertification in Tengger Desert, and founder of Gratia Christian College which focuses on educating university students with servant-leader aspiration.

He also holds the following titles in public service:

  • Founding chairman, Gratia Foundation limited
  • Legal Representative of Fujian Sanming, Guangxi Hechi and Sichuan Mianyang Children Homes
  • Honorary Citizen of Guangzhou (2012)
  • Chairman of the Board of Governors, Gratia Christian College
  • Founder of Alxa Springfield Ecology Company Limited
  • Founding President of Alxa Malan Lake Ecological Foundation
  • Founder of Springfield Blessings Company Limited