WASIN Wattanaworakijkul

Managing Director, BBL Asset Management Co, Ltd., Thailand

Wasin Wattanaworakijkul is Managing Director of BBL Asset Management Co, Ltd. (BBLAM). He also serves as a Director of Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC), committee member of ESGC Projects Consideration of BKIND FUND and Chairman of Thai CG Projects Consideration Committee of Thai CG Funds.

Impact investing is rather a new concept in Thailand. Launched in 2014, B-KIND FUND is Thailand's first ESGC mutual fund that pioneers impact investing that takes into account both the social benefit as well as the investment return. Impact investing has gained further momentum in the Thai capital market after 11 asset management companies agreed in 2017 to join hand to set up the THAI CG Funds. This vital investing concept, which aims to support the social ecosystem, is also expected to bring about sustainable financial return in the future.