Vicky FUNG

Co-founder, Every Life Is A Song, HK

With over 20 years of pop music experience, as songwriter, lyricist, singer-songwriter, founder of live house and music label, artist manager, producer and curator, Vicky has always endeavoured to promote Hong Kong’s music culture. Vicky has worked with prominent artists, including Sammi Cheng, Joey Yung, Juno Mak, Gin Lee, Eason Chan, Kay Tse, Eman Lam, and more, with an impressive list of music awards from top radio stations and professional associations. Vicky was guest curator for West Kowloon’s Freespace Happenings and Tai Kwun’s live music series at Laundry Steps. She has also been appointed a current member of Committee on Venue Partnership under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Vicky believes that the power and value of music lies beyond the limits of commercial music industry and co-founded a music social enterprise “Every Life Is A Song” in 2018 together with reputable lyricist Dr. Chow Yiu Fai.