Co-founder, JupYeah, HK

Ms Ren Wan is the co-founder of JupYeah and the initiator of LookMatters. She now spends her time running JupYeah and writing about environmental issues, green living, and slow fashion.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Chinese, she established herself as a magazine editor, working at WestEast Magazine as Managing Editor, and MING Magazine as Contributing Editor. While she enjoyed her profession, she has always been passionate about environmental issues. In 2011, she waved farewell to her role as a constantly-travelling journalist and decided to stay grounded in her home town. She pursued a postgraduate diploma in sustainable development and co-founded JupYeah, which promotes swapping and raises awareness on overconsumption and waste issues. In light of excessive fashion consumption and waste in Hong Kong, JupYeah launched ‘LookMatters’ in 2014 to promote second-hand fashion.