Phoebe WAN

Program Director, Wofoo Social Enterprises (WSE), HK

Ms Phoebe Wan is the Program Director at Wofoo Social Enterprises (WSE), where she oversees a diverse portfolio of social-good projects. With a background in music and social work, Phoebe brings a creative and holistic approach to her work, focusing in establishing partnerships with corporates and nonprofits to advance cross-sector collaborations. Phoebe is particularly passionate about human-centric approaches to social development, with a focus on health and well-being, and recently set up a one-stop Wellness solution initiative called the Wellness Hub. She is actively involved in community engagements, serving as a Council member of the Consortium of Institutes on Family in the Asian Region (CIFA) and Member of the Specialized Committee on Family and Community, as well as the Strategy Committee on Tech Enablement, Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS) and the District Co-ordinating Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Services, Social Welfare Department. Phoebe hopes to contribute her interdisciplinary expertise and dedication to social welfare in building a Happy and Harmonious Hong Kong.