Nicolette TONG

Executive Vice President, The Wave, HK

Ms Nicolette Tong is experienced in building a start-up ecosystem and in operating business centres. In her years of experience in the business growing field, she has helped numerous companies to expand sustainably and globally.

She is currently the Executive Vice President of The Wave, a certified B corporation incorporating event spaces, co-work spaces, and serviced offices. She is responsible for providing direction to product and strategic development and has helped 500+ start-ups and SMEs to grow in the last 6 years.

She is also the leader of The STILE Initiative, an investment-backed accelerator programme based in Hong Kong, which focuses on balancing and integrating business development and investment. The programme aims to create sustainable and mutually beneficial business growth and investment by helping start-ups to build traction, to achieve market expansion, and to establish partnerships in Asia. She is adept at growing businesses through trend prospects, need-finding, business ideation, strategies implementation, and execution with ambitious KPIs.

Before joining The Wave, she worked as Regional Vice President of Operations and IT with Compass Offices for 6 years and helped the company to grow into over 30 centres in 9 cities across the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Eastern Europe with more than 300 employees.

She was the Group General Manager at The Executive Centre from 1999 to 2008, helping the company to develop corporate service standards which enabled it to expand from 3 locations to more than 30 in 16 cities in 9 years. She has helped companies to grow into 1,000-sized corporates in the past 20 years, with experience in expanding businesses ten times bigger in 15 countries.