Ms Rachel CHAN

Founder and Chief Catalyst, Innofoco, HK

Rachel Chan is a tripartite professional with extensive experience working in/with public, private and NGO sectors. She worked in the administrative service of the Hong Kong Government and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. In 2007, she founded InnoFoco to propel the development of strategic design and innovation in Hong Kong. Recently, she has been working on the Hong Kong Design Centre’s ‘Unleash!’ programme that seeks to broaden and deepen the application of design thinking across different sectors in Hong Kong. InnoFoco actively involves in building the start-up ecosystem of Hong Kong and is a passionate advocate of the creating shared value movement. In addition to her consulting work, Rachel teaches an undergraduate course on ‘Values-Driven Innovation’ at the University of Hong Kong.

Rachel works with a number of NGOs, especially in youth education and development. Her latest venture is Esperanza, a new non-profit organization that aspires to make Hong Kong a better place to live, learn and work through cross-sector, multi-disciplinary, cross-border and inter-generational collaborations.

Rachel graduated from the University of Hong Kong and is a Sloan Fellow of the London Business School. She was honoured as one of 2014 “Good 100” global citizens who provide creative solutions for living well + doing good.