Head of Job Coach Department and SIA Program Director, Inclusion Factory, China

Marina Kalnitski is a social activist focusing on the empowerment of individuals with disabilities through education, skills development, and occupation. She specializes in projects that are focusing on the inclusion of the "others" back into society. Marina is co-managing the first industrial workshop in China which provides respectful and dignified employment for people with intellectual and mental disabilities. Also, she initiated and had been leading the Social Inclusion Academy (SIA) - a full three months training program for the certification of qualified Job Coaches who will lead the social integration of challenged individuals into China’s workforce. Currently, Marina is developing a rehabilitation program for people with intellectual and physical impairments, which purpose is to facilitate their inclusion in the workforce. Marina is a public speaker on disability and inclusion topics, focusing on raising awareness to the abilities and rights of people with different abilities. Marina believes that every person has the right to access education and employment and to live a full, happy life. She is a Disability Equality Training Facilitator and holds an Ed.M in Diversity and Equity in Education from the University of Illinois.