Mr Sum Chui

Project Manager, St. James' Settlement FOOD-CO, HK

Sum Chui is the project manager of St. James' Settlement FOOD-CO, responsible for the project’s planning and implementation. With its online platform, FOOD-CO networks food support service operators and donors, and greatly increases the volume of food donation.

Funded by SIE Fund, St. James' Settlement started to run FOOD-CO in 2016, an online platform which aims at facilitating food donation. FOOD-CO welcomes stakeholders to share information on food support services. After data analysis, the platform coordinates services of various districts with the objective to tackle poverty at district level.

The platform has run for 3 years, with over 500 donors and more than 260 food support service operators registered. Around 1,100 transactions were handled by FOOD-CO mobile app and saved over 400 tonnes of food surplus, equivalent to HKD38 million in value so far.