Mr Ricky FM LAW

Founder, Nation for Future Seniors, Singapore

Ricky FM Law, Founder, Nation for Future Seniors (NFS) which is recognised by DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge as one of the Top 100 Social Enterprises to watch out for in 2018. Ricky talked to TVB in a TV interview on how seniors should forget about age number and live as vintage wine, not expired milk. He hosted a Human Library session on how Digital Butler can help “harness untapped resources” at The Asian Undergraduate Summit at NUS. Ricky feels that seniors should dream too. His dream is to build NFS to a 130 million seniors community (10% of the global senior population) using technology to engage seniors to turn idle time into productivity. The more engaged seniors are, the happier and healthier they will be, the more they can contribute to cross-generational mentoring and tutoring and the less they will depend on medicine and this will disrupt the notion that seniors only add social and financial burdens to society.