Mr Perkins HO

Head of Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Perkins Ho is currently Head of the Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Team in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He spearheads efforts in building the ecosystem, identifying and preparing technologies with potential for commercialisation, incubating technology and social start-ups founded by students and professors, developing programmes to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship from within the University, and developing partnerships with stakeholders including governments, incubators and corporates in Greater China and other parts of the globe. He built various social innovation initiatives from scratch, including CUHK’s partnership with the SIE Fund since he joined the University three years ago.

An astute and perseverant entrepreneur himself, Perkins is well versed in creating and managing full business cycles for technology start-ups and projects. On top of starting up his own business twice, he has worked in the United States and China from the busiest metropolises to the remotest rural areas.