Michael ROY

Senior Lecturer of Social Business, Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Michael Roy is Senior Lecturer in Social Business at the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK. Since being established in 2010, the Yunus Centre has rapidly grown to become one of the largest, and most important, centres for the study of social enterprise in the world. Dr Roy’s specific area of expertise is in the health and well-being impacts of social enterprise-led activity, but he has also written on policy "ecosystems" of support for social enterprise, publishing extensively on these topics in major international scientific journals.

He is Programme Leader for a Master’s programme in Social Business and Microfinance, which attracts students from all around the world and has participated in a wide variety of panels and conferences internationally, including in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, India and all across Europe. Dr Roy’s research has been funded by the OECD, the European Commission, the Medical Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council, Employment and Social Development Canada, the Scottish Government and the Swiss Government. He has participated at conferences on the social economy at the invitation of both the Italian Government and the Slovak Government on the occasion of their presidency of the EU Council.

He was awarded the Helen Potter Award of Special Recognition for 2017 by the Association for Social Economics, and has recently become Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Social Enterprise Journal.