Md Sahariar Hasan JIISUN

National Consultant, Access to Information (a2i) Programme, Bangladesh

Md Sahariar Hasan Jiisun is a strategic mastermind consulting for a2i, ICT Division, Bangladesh Government for almost half a decade. He helps Bangladesh Government to manage 12,000 ICT entrepreneurs to provide services all over the country. He is also consulting different projects for UN, Facebook and multiple organizations and has been working closely to flourish grass root innovation and entrepreneurship.

He helps displaced people in Turkey, Jordan, Bangladesh, and Colombia to connect with the global market via entrepreneurship, e-Commerce, and freelancing to improve their livelihood. He consults for United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) to develop rural economy and secure refugee livelihood through e-Commerce and national and international market linkage.

He has started working in e-Commerce sector since 2011 and has worked with many international platforms in Blockchain and FinTech. He was ambassadors for World Bank, Harvard, Ford, Uyolo and many organizations in different programs. He founded Bloodman, a health tech foundation providing services to the digitally divided population in Bangladesh. He is also consulting for Facebook to develop his blood donation project.

He obtained a degree and a master’s degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from University of Dhaka. He is passionate about scaling innovation practices to the last miles and uplift entrepreneurship to advance the economy.