Lawrence LUI

Co-founder, Longevity Design House, HK Co-founder, Longevity Technology, HK

Inspired by the experience of taking care of his father with late stage lung cancer, Mr Lawrence Lui co-founded Longevity Design House (LDH) in 2015. It is the first design house in Hong Kong specializing in home renovation and maintenance for the elderly to create a comfortable and safe living environment for them. In 2017, he further expanded the business into gerontech sector and co-founded Longevity Technology, a home-based e-health system with assistive smart devices connected. Both ventures have served thousands of elderly households in Hong Kong and Macau, framing a new service eco-system for a better aging at home experience.

Prior to his current position, he has a decade of experience in education philanthropy and public relations. He served as the Global Communications Director of Yidan Prize Foundation, the largest educational prize in the world, to formulate the foundation’s thought leadership and global stakeholders outreach program for the launch of the prize. He had extensive experience in serving multinational clients when he was a PR consultant of Weber Shandwick. He also founded the first public relations firm especially for social enterprise clients in Hong Kong.

As an enthusiast in volunteering, he is passionate about promoting social entrepreneurship and making Hong Kong an age-friendly city. He is a board member of Fullness Social Enterprises Society and Golden Age Foundation.