Lai-Chong AU

Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Delta Asia Financial Group, HK

Lai-Chong has over 20 years of experience in financial industry in Hong Kong. Delta Asia Financial Group offers full range of retail banking and wealth management services to our clients and investors in Hong Kong & Macau.  In her capacity, Lai-Chong is responsible  for  leading  the  development  and  execution  of  the  Company’s  long  term  strategy as well as all day-to-day management decisions  and  for  implementing  the  Company’s long and short term plans.  She also acts as a direct liaison between the Board, other senior management as well as employees, all stakeholders of the company.

Prior to rejoining Delta Asia, Lai-Chong was the Senior Marketing and Client Services Manager of Hamon Investment Group, an asset management firm.  She developed the asset management business of Hamon as well as responsible for expanding the asset size and client base of the firm.  Over the last few years, Lai-Chong helped to broadening the firm’s institutional relationships globally.  Lai-Chong began her career as Commercial banking officer with Delta Asia Credit Limited in 1998 and later responsible to develop the wealth management business of the group.

Lai-Chong actively involves in community work in Hong Kong.  She currently is a member of Hong Kong Philharmonic Fundraising Committee and a member of Golden Age Foundation.  Lai Chong is also a regular columnist at AM730.

Lai-Chong was graduated from King’s College London, UK in BSc Clinical Sciences.