Project-in-charge, Tuen Mun District Council Yan Oi Tong Youth Space

Mr Kim Cheung is a registered and senior youth social worker. He is the project-in-charge of Tuen Mun District Council Yan Oi Tong Youth Space and has extensive experience in working with the community. He also self-published a book to promote the concept of “a Caring Society is Easy to Build”. He adheres to the belief of walking with the youth. In recent years, he has developed an innovated community work approach (Youth x Social innovation) to facilitate youth participation in community services. Under the “Dream-crafter Social Innovation IncubationScheme”, more than 55 youth social innovative teams are set up. Under his leadership, Youth Space was rewarded 2019 Best Practice Awards in SocialWelfare and 2018-19 Outstanding Youth Activity Commendation Scheme. The community work practices, and experience of Youth Space was recognized byInternational Association for Community Development (IACD). It was selected as one of the 40 international case studies in the IACD International CommunityDevelopment Handbook.  


He holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a master’s degree in Cultural Studies from Lingnan University.