Keanu HO Wai Lun

Founder, Social Innovation Magician

Asia Magic Convention 2nd Runner up 2015 and Hong Kong Magic Champion 2016, travelled around Asia as a guest performer and guest judge at the International Magic Convention, and won the Best Magician and Best Magic Tutor in Asia at the 2018 BIMC International Magic Convention.

In 2017, Mr Keanu Ho was appointed as a magic consultant and creative director in an event production company, designed themed dinners and promotional activities for numerous banks and companies. In addition, he has served as a restaurant performer and magic consultant in Japan, China, Mexico and other countries. By absorbing restaurant performance culture from all over the world, he founded Hong Kong's first magic restaurant "Hands Craft Beer & Magic" with his partners in 2019.

As an ADHD patient, he understands the needs of patients with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and the importance of "lives affect lives". Therefore, for the past years, he participated in various voluntary SEN education work in Hong Kong and the mountainous areas of mainland China. In 2019, he served as the Chairman of the non-profit organisation Dramagic Cultural Arts Foundation. He organised different courses and activities to promote art and life education for underprivileged groups.

In 2021, he was appointed as Director of iEnterprise and CIvil Resources Matching Platform (CRMP). He aims to help people with disabilities to be employed, promote accessibility in ICT , and encourage disadvantaged communities to jointly build "smart cities".

In 2023, leveraging his years of experience in magic education, non-profit organisations and the commercial sector, he founded the “Social Innovation Magician”, the first social enterprise to promote ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), with the mission of "Using Magic to Make the World Better".

In the same year, he received funding support from the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund for the first flagship project "We Create Miracle". With the motto of "I Create Miracles", the project aims to cultivate disadvantaged groups including Youth with Special Education Needs (SEN), Persons with Disabilities, New Immigrant Youth and Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students to become magicians. He believes that everyone has the ability to create miracles.