John MAK

Co-founder, MM Community, HK/Myanmar

John Mak is a social entrepreneur based in Hong Kong and Myanmar. He is passionate about public policy and politics, and is particularly interested in questions of how trust in democracy and our public institutions can be revamped. In 2017, he co-founded MM Community, a social venture that seeks to democratise community development processes and civic engagement channels via crowdsourcing technology. In 2018, John was selected as an inaugural Obama Foundation Scholar.

John sees himself as an effective bridge across different sectors, cultures, political affiliations and generations. He has received multiple awards and recognitions, including Forbes 30 Under 30, Asia 21 Young Leader by Asia Society. He is also a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and a former TEDx speaker.

John holds a Master's degree in public policy and international development from The University of Chicago, and a Bachelor's degree in politics, philosophy and economics from the University of Durham.