Freddy Law

Executive Director and Senior Innovation Consultant, Education for Good

Before joining Education for Good, Freddy worked in Google (India) People Operations, using innovative ways to look for world-class software engineers. He then joined international organization AIESEC (Macedonia) as Vice President of Talent Management. He came back to Hong Kong and founded Inter Cultural Education, providing foreign trainers to help teach local students to become global citizens. He was awarded Champion of The Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge.

Freddy is keen in public affairs, especially related to talent development and social innovation. He is appointed as a member of Human Resources Planning Commission by The Hong Kong Government, a group to explore strategies to enhance Hong Kong’s workforce. He is also an advisor in AIESEC Mainland of China. He graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Zhejiang University and was awarded a scholarship to study social entrepreneurship in Harvard Kennedy School, Yale University and Stanford