Dr Shara LEE

Associate Professor and Programme Coordinator (Radiation Therapy), Department of Health Technology and Informatics, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Upon completing the PhD in Medicine from CUHK, Dr Lee transitioned into advanced medical research, with a specific focus on strategies to mitigate side effects from cancer treatments. Her current research trajectory prioritises the incorporation of immersive technology into professional medical and allied health training. A cornerstone of her approach is the strategic utilisation of tertiary educational assets, aimed not only at enhancing the specialised skills of health and social science professionals but also nurturing their empathetic and compassionate dimensions.

Moreover, she has pioneered an integrative educational-service module designed to offer tailored radiotherapy preparation for paediatric cancer patients and their careers. Her collaborative initiatives at PolyU bridges fields of allied health, facilitating a comprehensive support framework for patients and carers while providing invaluable experiential learning for students. Underpinning her ethos, partnerships with pivotal NGOs and public hospitals also reinforce their dedication to not just delivering personalised care but also advancing patient empowerment within this delicate demographic.